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“THEWALL - WordPress theme”

Created: February, 15, 2013
By: Dameer DJ
Email: dameer@presswordthemes.com

Thank You for purchasing my theme! Hopefully you gonna enjoy as much as I have by creating it! If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Be sure to read this documentaion carefully - including FAQs section and Tips - before asking for my assistance. I'm sure you'll be able to handle many "problems" quickly just by getting familiar with documentation.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Install THEWALL theme
  4. Demo upload
  5. Theme Options
  6. Post Formats
  7. Shortcodes
  8. Portfolio
  9. Custom Templates
  10. Sidebars
  11. Resources
  12. Tips
  13. FAQs

A) Introduction - top

Fully responsive, modern and yet simple Blog/Portfolio theme made for those who like grid layouts. It's built around very popular Grid-A-Licious jQuery plugin!

THEWALL comes equipped with powerful theme options that let you control all of its vital aspects; grid (size, color), font (size, color, family), backgrounds, navigation ... literally everything. You'll never need to mess up with CSS to change color of the links, sidebar background color, font-size, titles size, etc...

Do you like to use shortcodes? There's a bunch of shortcodes with this theme. And all of them are built-into text editor so you can easily insert without the need to know or remember the code itself. Shortcode arguments are populated automatically via user-friendly dialog window. Simply click the button!

There will also be a couple of extra Widgets (VCard, Flickr and Twitter) in your Dashboard after the theme is being installed. And a ready-made contact form page/template. Did you know that Portfolio section has been spiced up with some ajax for an entry quick-preview purpose? There's also a cool infinite scroll option available for Grid-A-Licious and a bunch of more that you'll figure out very soon by yourself.

B) Requirements - top

Before you decide to install and use this theme be sure that the following requirements are met:

WordPress media settings

From Dashboard select Settings > Media and use the following: Media Settings

"Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin can help you to automatically re-crop all of previously uploaded images!

C) Install THEWALL theme - top

1. Unzip archive downloaded from your Themeforest account to a local drive first. Take a look at inside of extracted folder and spot another archive "thewall.zip".

2. Now login into WordPress Admin and go to
Appearance > Themes >> Install Themes (tab) >>> Upload (sub-menu)
Browse to "thewall.zip" file/archive, select and click Install Now.

3. Be sure to Activate theme immediately after successful installation.

4. From Dashboard select
Appearance > Theme Options
...do nothing but scroll down to the very bottom of the first options screen and hit "SAVE OPTIONS" button!

D) Demo upload - top

Before you proceed be sure to "clean up" previously entered Posts and Pages (some of them are auto generated by WordPress itself).
It's also good idea to remove all of Widgets from sidebars too (see Appearance > Widgets)

You will find "thewall-demo.xml" file in "THEME_DEMO" folder (see your unzipped file). That file will be used to inflate WordPress database with dummy data that is actually used by theme's demo site.

It is important to "confirm" Main Menu and save Custom Permalinks after demo install!
From Dashboard select Appearance > Menus
... select Main Menu from Primary Navigation drop-down (Theme Locations panel) and hit that "Save" button, see imagee below Main Menu Now from Dashboard select Settings > Permalinks
...be sure that Custom Structure is selected and reads /%category%/%postname%/ - as seen on figure below Custom Structure Permalinks Hit "Save Changes" button and you are done!

E) Theme Options - top

The theme uses its own Theme Options panel which you can access by navigating to Appearance > Theme Options. Theme Options panel Feel free to play around with different settings and save those that fit best to your needs!

F) Post formats - top

Post Formats are meta information that can be used to customize presentation of a post. This feature expands the micro-blogging aspect of WordPress because you can have videos, links, images, audios, quotes, statuses, etc. all in one place.
Post formats replaces the need to use categories to accomplish the similar styling features. THEWALL theme supports the following post formats:

Using post formats is not a must but rather a feature. As already mentioned it's all about micro-blogging aspect of WordPress! Using post formats will not only cut down clutter in terms of categories, it will make your blog portable between themes that support those formats.

Things to know about certain Post Formats...

↓ supports / format → Standard Aside Gallery Link Image Quote Status Video Audio
If a certain post format doesn't support Post Title, it doesn't mean that you should omit title when adding new Post! It just won't be displayed at front-end, that's all.

→ How to properly add Gallery post format?

Use WordPress gallery shortcode! Like so: [gallery columns="NN" link="post or file" ids="NN1, NN2, NN3, NN4 ... etc."]
More details about this shortcode can be found HERE!

→ How to properly add Link post format?

Simply enter/paste URL into text editor, like so: Post Format: Link

→ How to properly add Image post format?

Enter/paste full path to image (remote or local) into text editor, like so: Post Format: Image

→ How to properly add Quote post format?

The best method to insert Quote post would be via theme's shortcode; enter/paste quote into text editor, select entire text and click "Insert Quotes Shortcode" button. Post Format: Quote

→ How to properly add Video post format?

All of major video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, etc.) provide so called embed code. This chunk of code MUST always start with IFRAME element! Copy embed code then paste to Post text editor. Post Format: Video

→ How to properly add Audio post format?

With this one you will have to use theme's built-in shortcode. Copy local or remote path to MP3 file first then click "Insert Audio Shortcode" button. Populate all of input fields provided by shortcode dialog box and insert. Post Format: Audio

G) Shortcodes - top

With this theme the usage of Shortcodes should be really easy because all of them are nicely integrated into text editor.
Whenever you click on certain shortcode button dialog box will be opened. Each dialog box contains message regarding usage so be sure to read before applying. All of input fields contained within dialog box are mandatory. Don't leave it empty otherwise shortcodes may not be interpreted properly (shortcode arguments will be missing!). Shortcode buttons in text editor Button Shortcode

H) Portfolio - top

As you already know with THEWALL theme - beside "regular" Blog, you can maintain Portfolio section as well. Portfolio uses Catalog to publish new entry instead of Category but there's really no need to be confused! In order to simplify the whole story take a look at the following:
Portfolio = Post
Catalog = Category
Portfolio Tags = Tags
There's no difference except in naming convention and the fact that Portfolio belongs to a custom post type.

→ How to add new Portfolio entry?

From Dashborad select Portfolios > Add New
Enter the title, content/description, excerpt (summary), pick one or more Catalogs to publish your new entry to, Portfolio Tags to relate two or more entries and finally upload Featured Image.
If you want to add more images (which definitely makes your portfolio entry more appealing) use "Add Media" button that can be found above text editor.

NOTE: Additional images do not need to be inserted into text editor! It'll be all right if you just upload and at the end close Media Uploader. By doing so all of images become registered as that entry children and will automatically be shown on entry details page. Insert multiple images
TIP #1: Always add Featured Image to your Portfolio entry! And be sure to use the best shot in order to pay visitor's attention.
TIP #2: Use Excerpt to add entry summary rather than <-- more -- > tag, excerpts do not contain formatted text!

I) Custom Templates - top

There are 2 custom templates that you can use with this theme: Full Width Page and Contact Page.

In order to add any of these two, from Dashboard select Pages > Add New
...and right before you publish the page from "Page Attributes" panel select Template that you want to use. Custom Templates

There will also also be some other Custom Templates on the list but these are used for other purposes. Just do not apply individually - as stated next to template's name.

First of all take a look at Dashboard, Appearance > Widgets admin page...
You might wonder why there are two sidebars while there's only one that can be used at a time? Since we are dealing with responsive layout, theme's main sidebar is "pushed" into footer section at the certain screen resolution (try to resize your Browser's window). IMHO it's kinda better to see two columns in footer than just one - whenever is possible, of course. So that's the main reason.
It's up to you to decide whether you gonna use only one sidebar or share widgets evenly across both. It won't make the difference as long as sidebar actually remains sidebar but it does whenever screen width is not enough to keep it there.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the point!

K) Resources - top

JavaScript/jQuery plugins and files used by THEWALL theme (all of them can be found inside "js" folder!):

Icons used with this theme:

L) Tips - top

I strongly recommend usage of Colorbox plugin with this theme. Required code is built into theme files so it'll work with no issue!
  1. Page without title
    Any Page can be shown without main title if you like! Use "show_title" (Name) and "no" (Value) in Custom Fields panel!
  2. Logo
    Your logo width should not exceed 200px if you want to keep it crisp and sharp. If wider, it'll be scaled down to fit the max of 200px (which makes it blurry).
  3. Featured images
    Whenever is possible upload Featured Image with your Post and Portfolio entries. Nice images will always pay user's attention.
  4. Sticky sidebar
    If you put too much content into your sidebar(s), it'll make it "scrollable" whenever the screen height is insufficient to reveal all.
  5. Equal height grid items (Catalog)
    You'll have to make all Featured Images of the same height and use the same amount of text. Beware that you can easily show/hide certain elements of Portfolio item, like: title, meta, summary text and tags.
  6. Main Menu
    In spite of the fact that main menu can be multi-level, it'll look better (including mobile devices and tablets) if you don't use it. Personally I think that it's all about simplicity and minimalism.

M) FAQs - top

All of my Posts, Pages and Portfolio end up with 404 - not found error!

Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit Save Changes button. This should flush rewrite rules.

Main Menu is not visible

Go to Appearance > Menus and select Main Menu from Primary Navigation (Theme Locations panel). Don't forget to Save Changes!

By installing demo site media files were not imported

It may happen due to server timeout. Delete all the content (Pages, Posts, Categories, Catalogs, Tags and Portfolio tags) and try again later.

Post and Portfolio images are too small

Go to Settings > Media and be sure you've set all up according to requirements.

I want to add/use more (other) Google fonts, can I?

Yes! Open "options.php" file for edit and go to line #66. Prepend, append or substitute new/existing font by following existing array-like structure.

How do I translate my theme copy?

You'll need ".PO" file editor! POEdit is free, cross platform ready and simple to use. Your theme contains a subfolder named "languages" inside of which are two files: "en_EN.po" and "en_EN.mo".
Open "en_EN.po" for edit and translate everything. At the end save as "YOUR_LOCALE.po" while required (with POEdit) "YOUR_LOCALE.mo" will be rendered automatically.
You only have to ensure that "YOUR_LOCALE.mo" file resides inside "languages" folder of your theme!
What is "YOUR_LOCALE" supposed to be?
Have a look at "WordPress in Your Language" article at WP codex.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing THEWALL theme! As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to my theme on Themeforest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

Dameer DJ

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